Real Estate Law & Litigation

Our attorneys bring a depth of knowledge, creativity, and courtroom experience when it comes to real estate law and litigation.

At Beck & Mathiesen we pride ourselves on our ability to take on the most complex real estate matters and figure them out in a way that gets positive results for our clients. In real estate litigation, there is often a lot of money riding on the outcome for both plaintiffs and defendants. That is why we take a unique, creative approach to every case. We will familiarize ourselves with the details of your case and work as hard as we can on your behalf to successfully resolve it.

We represent individuals, businesses, brokers, buyers and sellers, developers and contractors in a variety of real estate cases.

Real estate law and real property law

We have extensive experience in real estate contract disputes, boundary and easement disputes, neighbor disputes, matters clearing title, fraud, misrepresentation, and nondisclosure in the sale of property.

Homeowner association law

Homeowner association members and boards of directors receive experienced representation for enforcement of CC&Rs and association rules. We are experienced in litigation claims between members of the association, as well as between members and the association.

Construction law

Construction and real estate law are related yet construction law presents a unique set of issues. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to support commercial and residential property owners, contractors, suppliers, lenders, and others and are prepared for out-of-court resolutions or litigation with judge or jury if required. Learn more about construction law and how we can represent you.

Representative real estate cases litigated by Beck & Mathiesen to successful outcome.

  • Trial and judgment prohibiting establishment of easement.
  • Trial and judgment for collection of money after sale of land.
  • Jury trial verdict against multiple LLC’s for $1million and title to foreign property.
  • Trial and judgment to collect years of contributions to improve real estate.
  • Settlement with insurance company for fire destroyed building.
  • Trial and judgment to clear title after death of owners.
  • Trial and judgment to establish road easement against multiple parcels.
  • Trial and judgment establishing easement against 40 neighbors.
  • Settlement of multi-million dollar subdivision construction defect cases.
  • Settlement against broker for misrepresentation in sale of mobilehome park.
  • Trial and judgment to clear title to property against multiple claimants.
  • Settlement permitting continuing encroachment of a house.
  • Settlement of case over right to agricultural water system.
  • Trial and judgment recovering money for fraud in sale of gas station and convenience store.
  • Jury trial verdict defending claim for ouster from real property and emotional distress.
  • Settlement with title company due to failure to provide coverage.
  • Trial and judgment forcing sale of house to collect a debt.
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